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Wildlife Exclusion Starts With a Thorough Inspection

Racoon RemovalWhen our Chase Wildlife team assesses a property for wildlife activity, we look for specific signs that indicate an animal has invaded their home. Property managers and homeowners can keep these things in mind when examining their residential or commercial property.

When looking at the roof of a home or commercial building, homeowners or property managers should check for loose shingles and signs of damage. Feces, loose insulation, nests, damaged vents, gaps between stones, and damaged dormer interfaces are signs an animal has access to a roof. Unexplained paths through backyards are strong signs that wildlife has been visiting. Inside a building, feces, nests, hair, chewed wires, and unpleasant odors are signs an animal is living in the walls or ceiling.

We strongly discourage homeowners and property managers from attempting to remove animals themselves! Our professional team is specially trained to undertake wildlife removal and home inspection in Gypsum, CO, and the surrounding areas. If you see any signs indicating an animal has taken up residence in your building, contact us today.

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Pigeons behind the do-it-yourself bird deterrent spikes