Wildlife Management in Eagle, Colorado

Few things can put a larger damper on your day than realizing you have a pest control issue. Whether its raccoons, skunks, bats, or other wildlife, it’s essential to protect your property from these ornery animals.

Skunks can cause harm to your property and create a major headache for you. Chase Wildlife is often called in to remove skunks that have wandered into a home through the cat door and then sprayed when startled. Things such as a raised porch, window wells, a culvert, or shed can all attract skunks and cause a variety of issues, including a stink that can take up to two weeks to fade!

Similarly, raccoons can cause major damage to your yard, garden, or roof. In the spring, raccoons will often grub in the soft wet ground, damaging your lawn and garden. Additionally, female raccoons will tear into your roof’s weak spots to have her cubs. Unsurprisingly, they can be noisy, chew wires, ruin your insulate, and leave behind feces and urine.

Bats can be quite scary, especially if one gets into your house because someone forgot to shut the screen door. Bats, however, are misunderstood. Chase Wildlife can help determine if they are residential roosting bats, loafing bats, or accidental intrudes, which will aid in their removal.

More often than not, the only way to rectify the issue is to have a wildlife removal specialist visit your home. Chase Wildlife offers wildlife management services in Eagle, Colorado, and we will make sure your home is pest-free.